Two men meet on the path to become one.


A man meditates on a mountaintop, while another man climbs the mountain's trail. As he approaches, the man in meditation pops into enlightenment and runs down the trail. Upon meeting, the men remember how to share what they have found.


Making of

This film was written, directed and produced by Scott Wells. The two roles are played by Joseph Voelbel and Scott Wells. Anthony Wells did the cinematography and editing. The music is titled "Lord, Have Mercie" by Karstenholymoly, licensed under Creative Commons attribution. It was filmed on private property in Mendocino County, California in August of 2014.



The film was premiered on November 22nd at the 3rd annual Marina Del Rey Film Festival. On December 18th, Anthony Wells was awarded the Marina Del Rey Film Festival's Best Cinematography award for Mountain Trail.

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